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Tune-up for $89.95!

Cooling System Inspection includes:
Thermostats, Air Filters (replace/customer provided), Check condensate pan & line, Check condensate drains, Blower belts & pulley (condition/alignment) Condenser fan, Voltage, Electrical wiring/connections, Condition of evaporator & condenser coils, Refrigerant level, Test Contactor and Capacitors.

Heating System Inspection includes:
Thermostat, Air Filter (replace/customer provided), Heat exchanger for cracks,Check Pilot flame, Burner flame & Flue Draft, Safety controls, Blower belts & pulley (condition/alignment), Voltage, Electrical wiring/connection, Test Capacitor.Observe system operation through one complete cycle.

Cannot combine with any other offers.

Call CLIMATROL Heating & Cooling Corp. at (703) 981-6664



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