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Climatrol is a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist

Relying on Climatrol just got even easier! We are now a certified independent Trane Comfort Specialist™! We take our reputation seriously. At Climatrol, we are always looking to improve our standards, and earn the complete trust of our customers. 


What is a Trane Comfort Specialist™?

A Trane Comfort Specialist™ is an independent Trane dealer committed to being the best in installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training. They don’t just hand this certification out to anyone. We have gone through an extensive certification process to prove the Climatrol name is 100% reliable. 

How does this help me when I want to buy a new HVAC unit?

Trane has been making HVAC equipment for over 120 years. They test their products to make sure they not only meet the industry standard, but exceed previous expectations. As an independent Trane Comfort Specialist™, our Climatrol technicians can educate you on the best model for your home and budget. From product education and estimates, to install and maintenance, Climatrol is the certifiably the best! 

Why should I buy Trane? 

Climatrol only wants the best for our customers, that’s why we recommend buying Trane. They design, test, and build every part of their systems. Trane pushes beyond industry standards to create the most reliable equipment on the market. Some of their testing measures include extreme weather condition testing, so you know your unit can withstand the toughest seasons. They put their products through 16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, all to make sure your units stay reliably running.

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